One important thing to remember about spray tanning is that hydration is key.

The way spray tans work is - it sits on the top layer of your skin and attaches to well hydrated skin cells. When you have dry skin, the spray tan solution has a much harder time grabbing. 

So what can we do to get the most out of our spray tans? I cannot stress enough the importance of exfoliating and moisturing the NIGHT BEFORE coming in for your spray tan session. 

What should you use to exfoliate? The best recommendation I can give is to use a pair of bath gloves, which you should be able to find at Target, CVS, Rite Aide or any other major drugstore. I also carry exfoliating mitts made just for spray tanning that you can purchase at my studio. These special mitts also work great to exfoliate your old spray tan off. Apply a mild shower gel to the gloves and SCRUB!

What shower gel works best? I personally like to use Suave -  it is not oily, has minimal ingredients and inexpensive. Dove products and bar soap should not be used, they can leave a film on your skin making the spray tan streaky and less effective. Another thing - wax or shave now (after exfoliating) so your skin has time to recover. 

After exfoliating, moisturize with a lotion, no oils. You see, when you follow the prep the night before, your natural oils come out and react better with the spray tan. Not only that, you're skin will be much more hydrated and you don't have to do any prep the same day as your appointment! Cheers to that!

Another thing you can start doing today, is drink plenty of water and take your recommended daily dose of Omega 3. I get mine from fish oil pills and it has helped wonders, not only for my skin but for my dry eyes and hair as well. And for the vegans out there, there are Vegan Omega 3 options available.

And last but not least, be sure to moisturize every day. Make it a part of your daily routine! After showering is best, when your bathroom is steamy and your pores are open, allowing the moisturizer to really lock in and hydrate. Basic, all natural products work best. I love to use coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and my organic lotions available at my studio.

Follow these tips and your skin and spray tan will thank you!